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Are you concerned about compliancy and audits?

Do you spend more time with paperwork than with patients?

Has your practice been affected by uncollected patient debts?

We know you are committed to delivering excellent care to your patients.  The mission and vision of your practice is to make a positive impact on each person you have the privilege to treat.  Today, it’s more important than ever, because patients have more choices than ever.  You already understand that when they choose you, it’s your responsibility to make their overall experience a great one.  But what happens after that?  What about your experience?

Nova Medical Solutions, LLC Can Help!

We have a proprietary analysis tool that generates a detailed report, outlining solutions for virtually every aspect of your practice.

You encourage your patients to be diligent about their health. Doesn’t the health of your business deserve the same focus and attention? Let us help you keep your business as healthy and thriving as you keep your patients.

About Us

Welcome to Nova Medical Solutions, LLC!

Newcolow Slaughter is the Founder and CEO of NOVA Medical Solutions, LLC. Additionally, she serves as a Practice Management Specialist, within the organization.

Newcolow is a proud mother raising two children and maintaining strong family and community ties. Those closest to her know that she thrives on serving others and the wellbeing of her patients and clients remain her top professional priority. More importantly, she appreciates any opportunity that comes her way and strives to make the best of it.

Professionally, Newcolow has been an actively practicing Registered Nurse for the past 7 years. Her experience as a Registered Nurse, and the many facets of Nursing, has imparted into her, the foundational skills needed for both the Nursing and Business worlds.

For it was while working as a School Nurse, that Newcolow began to explore her entrepreneurial interests. However, her Home Health Nurse experience catapulted her into the world of entrepreneurship. For Newcolow, the skills that she practiced as a Nurse were enhanced, while serving as a Home Health Nurse. While in that role, she learned how to manage and coordinate care, provide excellent customer service, exhibit time management skills, operate as a critical thinker, and most importantly, create solutions to the most difficult problems.

It was then that Newcolow decided to take her skills, learned by the bedside, and apply them to the business side, as a Practice Management Specialist. Her approach to the challenges, often associated, with Medical Practices, serves as the missing link needed in providing a service that equips and enables Practitioners to become more streamlined, avoid missed revenue, and save staff efforts, all while generating more profits! Thereby creating NOVA Medical Solutions, LLC, where innovation meets your clinical needs.

At Nova Medical Solutions, LLC, we have seen firsthand how gifted physicians can fall victim to the “epidemic of doctor despair and burnout”. Due to new and every-changing healthcare and insurance laws and regulations, fees are on the decrease, denials are on the increase, and more practices are closing every year. We help you fight back.

We know you want to maintain the joy of doctoring. We know you want to avoid burnout and stay vibrant, despite the many demands on your energy. We know you want to increase profitability and give your best to your patients. We want to help.


Constant denials from insurance companies


Not collecting from patients


Decreased patient satisfaction/retention


Constant updating of new codes and coding guidelines


Government and commercial audits


HIPAA breaches, violations and fines


Data loss


Overworked and overwhelmed office staff

Nova Medical Solutions, LLC helps you cope with challenges facing today’s medical practice. Is your practice facing any of these challenges?

Let us help you keep doing what you love!


At Nova Medical Solutions, LLC, we know that running a successful medical practice has unique challenges unlike any other business.  Since we specialize in supporting medical professionals, we are uniquely qualified and equipped to meet the needs of your business and can work within the structure of your operations.

Many companies only offer outsourced billing services. Instead, Nova Medical Solutions, LLC offers a full suite of services that work in concert and ensure all your bases are covered.  We have done-for-you turnkey solutions that compliment your existing processes with a targeted focus on positively impacting your bottom line.


Nova Medical Solutions, LLC provides some of the most innovative and powerful solutions in the market today.  Our CMS, HIPAA, and Meaningful Use Certified Electronic Solutions provide you with control, while giving you and your staff complete access from any internet-enabled computer.


At Nova Medical Solutions, LLC, our success lies in our mission to provide a full suite of products that maximize your earning potential, reduce your expenses, increase the net yield of your practice, and allow you to spend more time with patients and less time with paperwork.

It’s a huge mission, but with our support your practice will thrive for a long time to come.  To get an overview of our solutions, click on any one of our services below:

Our Services


Frustration-Free billing services that gives you full control of your patient records


Customized solution that will parallel the current workflow of your practice


Calculate, process, and collect your patient payments quickly and cost-effectively


Send postcards, greeting cards, and even brochures to your current patient database


Gently engages with your indebted clients before a more direct approach is required


Thorough review of your coding, billing, and reimbursement processes


Make sure you’re getting the maximum reimbursement for every patient encounter


Web-based document management tool lets you convert paper documents into electronic images



Simple and cost-effective compliance tracking solution that satisfies HIPAA, HITECH Risk Assessment, and Omnibus Compliance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Practice Analysis and how long does it take?

Through the Practice Analysis process, Nova Medical Solutions, LLC is able to make medical practices more efficient and profitable.  The process takes about 45 minutes.

I don’t have time to complete the Practice Analysis. Can someone else in my office meet with you?

Yes, we can meet with the practice administrator or office manager.

The Practice Analysis seems like a good idea, but what about the confidentiality of my organization?

We greatly respect the confidentiality of your practice.  Prior to any data sharing, we provide you with a signed non-disclosure agreement.

I already implemented a patient portal. How will your services help my practice?

A patient portal is excellent!  It’s only one of many ways you can increase efficiency, increase patient satisfaction and increase profits.  Nova Medical Solutions, LLC can show you an entire suite of complementary solutions.

I want to give as much time as possible to each patient. Won’t electronic charting take time away from my patients?

With our solutions we can show you how electronic charting will take 2 minutes or less!

I have trusted long time employees and family performing billing and office administration. Why should I be concerned with a data breach?

Data breaches come in many different forms – not just due to deliberate disgruntled employee actions.  Healthcare organizations continue to have the highest costs associated with data breaches, more than 60% higher than other industries.  Just one accidental or malicious external data breach can financially cripple a practice.

Every practice loses a little revenue due to incorrect coding or uncollected payments. How much revenue can your services recover for my practice?

With our full suite of solutions and services, we help our practices recover up to 30% in lost revenue. 

What is the implementation process for your software solutions?

Nova Medical Solutions, LLC is not a software sales company.  We will be with you throughout the entire implementation process.  We provide role-based training to every staff member involved, on your schedule.  We keep track of your progress and ensure that you are guided to success from day zero through completion.  We will be your full-service accountability partner, providing expert support, so your practice has a seamless implementation every step of the way.

Nova Medical Solutions, LLC has solutions to address the most serious concerns about your practice.

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